Best Blended Scotch Whisky

100 Pipers 12 Years Old

An Introduction to 100 Pipers 12 Years Old Whisky

A wonderfully aged, blended Scotch whisky that is synonymous with craftsmanship and finesse.

100 pipers 12 Years Old Whisky Tasting Notes

  • AROMA -  A full and fruity nose with delicate honey and vanilla notes, woody fruity with a peach of pear.
  • CHARACTER & BODY - Heavy, sweet, complex and rounded.
  • TASTE - Full bodied, mellow. Sweet combined with well-balanced notes of fruitiness and soft smokiness.
  • MOUTHFEEL - Aromatic, creamy, sweet, round, complex.
  • FINISH - Floral and elegant, with subtle oak notes coupled with vanilla.